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Tokyo BRD New Materials Co.,LTD.
BRD has its own production bases and wholly-owned subsidiaries Japan (Tokyo), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), which can reduce costs by 30% for you and guarantee delivery time and quality, facilitating communication. As a multinational company with a listed holding company, BRD makes your purchases safer and easier with free design, free prototype renderings, free product testing reports, free installation service guidance, free technical support, free sample shipping. BRD has 6000 tons of stock for standardized products, with 23 colors of standardized samples, perfectly meeting your personalized customization needs. With over 28 years of export and manufacturing expertise, we understand your country's usage standards and material quality requirements. Our most experienced engineers and designers are available to directly communicate with you and promptly address your needs.
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BRD Main Business
BRD has completed over 17,000 integrated building solutions, producing a full range of energy-efficient materials. Our portfolio includes polyurethane, mineral wool, thermal insulation, decorative, aluminum composite, MCM flexible soft porcelain series, coating, and clean wall panel series. These products excel in cold storage logistics facilities, industrial plants, commercial centers, municipal infrastructure, low and high-rise offices, schools, hospitals, renovation projects, food production, medical industries, precision manufacturing, and other key applications. We offer one-stop shop capabilities to meet the diverse needs of customers across market sectors.
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Secure Supply Chain & Advanced Manufacturing
We ensure reliable access to raw materials at cost-advantaged prices. Our state-of-the-art anodizing, powder coating, digital printing, sandblasting and electrophoresis lines apply precise, automated finishes for consistently high quality.
Production Equipment
Automated Efficiency
German-engineered spray equipment streamlines production with tightly controlled processes, delivering durable, uniform results at scale.
Engineering Expertise
Our in-house engineering team, consisting of CAD specialists and 3D designers, develops project plans adhering to regional compliance standards and codes.
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Turnkey Solutions
With products applicable to earthworks, civil engineering and construction, our professionals provide guidance on installation, commissioning and integration into the building lifecycle for simplified procurement and installation.
Mission & Vision
To operate the most efficient and socially responsible manufacturing facility. We aim to produce high-quality products, empower our workforce through skills development, and offer customers an exceptional brand experience. By leveraging our collective strengths with partners, we pursue operational excellence through innovation, sustainability and mutual understanding.
Core Values
Integrity: We act with accuracy, honesty and accountability. Innovation: Continuous improvement drives our solutions and culture. Kindness: Our business is built on respect for people and communities.
Through responsible operations and innovative building solutions, we strive to make the world a little better - more sustainable, more comfortable and more equitable for all. Working together, we transform the built environment through progressive values of excellence, care and positive impact.

We, at BRD Group, are committed to a development path that embodies the spirit of continuous improvement, relentless pursuit of excellence, and an unwavering dedication to finding opportunities for growth. We approach our work with a humble and open mindset, always eager to learn and adapt to the ever-evolving business landscape.

With a globally renowned brand, advanced manufacturing, and exceptional service capabilities, we lead the industry. Our focus on innovation and cutting-edge technologies, coupled with a comprehensive network spanning the globe, drives us towards becoming a globally competitive new material enterprise.



Chairman Huang
The company was established as a coating and zinc plating manufacturer.
Purchased 120,000 square meters of land to expand steel structure processing capacity.
The company underwent structural reform, establishing a core R&D team focused on developing new energy-saving building materials.
Introduced a fully automated PU panel production line from Italy and implemented CTPM lean management practices. Also established an international trade and marketing team to expand into global markets.
BRD's annual PU energy-saving panel production exceeded 1 million square meters.
BRD's PU energy-saving panels received 17 core foaming patents. An automated full panel production line was introduced from Germany.
BRD's insulated panel production line's annual output exceeded 2 million square meters.
BRD's new plant was officially put into production, with the insulated panel production line's annual output exceeding 3 million square meters.
BRD's Malaysia production base was established and an automated interior/exterior decorative cladding production line was introduced and put into production.
We have a deep understanding of our customers' purchasing needs and are committed to providing comprehensive solutions through our advisory services.
Our dedicated team of service personnel ensures that customers receive fast and comprehensive solutions for their procurement needs. With ample product inventory, we guarantee timely delivery and stand ready to assist customers in resolving any issues, wherever and whenever they arise.
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