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Company Philosophy
BRD values human rights and the environment, promoting the coordinated development of our enterprise and society. Through innovative management models across multiple manufacturing bases, we enhance cost efficiency, lead in technology, and prioritize service excellence. Our aim is to become a globally competitive new materials enterprise and a listed company of significant investment value. Our independently developed products, such as hot-rolled steel coils, cold-rolled steel coils, galvanized sheets, color-coated coils, engineering coatings, new generation polyurethane energy-saving panels, cold chain systems, fully automated door systems, and prefabricated assembly systems, rank among the international industry's best.
Research and Development: A Cornerstone of BRD's Culture
In today's fiercely competitive and economically volatile world, our commitment to innovation and finding solutions for our customers is paramount. That's why we dedicate significant resources, including manpower, time, and financial investments, to R&D efforts. Our focus extends beyond building materials, as we strive to foster real innovation that aligns with our philosophy of globalization.
Environmentally Friendly
We are dedicated to the development of pioneering and innovative solutions. We continuously increase our investment in scientific research to establish a comprehensive system of new energy-saving and environmentally friendly products.
Continuous Improvement
BRD follows a development path of continuous improvement. We are never complacent and always seek opportunities for growth. With a humble and open mindset, we remain eager to learn. Our globally recognized brand, high-tech manufacturing capabilities, and exceptional service offerings reflect our commitment to continuous advancement.
Intelligent Manufacturing
BRD embraces modern information technology and automation to create an environment of intelligent manufacturing. We build robust management platforms that integrate informatization, intelligentization, and visualization. By implementing lean production practices, we strive to achieve efficient and intelligent manufacturing processes.
Automatic Production Line
Focus on Innovation
We prioritize the cultivation of our innovation capabilities and actively develop and apply advanced manufacturing, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly technologies. Additionally, we establish a comprehensive marketing and processing service network that spans the entire country and extends to the global stage.
One-Stop Shop for All Your Project Needs
We have a deep understanding of our customers' purchasing needs and are committed to providing comprehensive solutions through our advisory services. Our dedicated team of service personnel ensures that customers receive fast and comprehensive solutions for their procurement needs. With ample product inventory, we guarantee timely delivery and stand ready to assist customers in resolving any issues, wherever and whenever they arise.
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Quality Assured
Our quality control department diligently oversees the production process to ensure the highest standards of product quality.
One-Stop Shop
Through efficient collaboration, we provide a full suite of services marked by efficiency, effectiveness and excellent quality of care.
Competitive Pricing
Direct sourcing and low overhead allow us to guarantee both competitive prices and high product standards.
Timely Delivery
Strategic packing and routing optimizes cost and delivery speed to meet tight timelines.
Customization Assistance
Through ODM and OEM services, we help realize customers' unique needs and vision and bring specialized solutions to life.