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As a large new energy-saving building materials production base in Malaysia, BRD relies on the radiation of global marketing network to provide users with timely, meticulous and comprehensive services
Steel Sections
Jun 12, 2024
BRD Group Unveils Versatile Ready Stock Hot Rolled Structural Steel
We are thrilled to announce that BRD Group is expanding its offerings in response to the evolving trends in the construction industry. With over two decades of experience in the building materials sector, we are proud to introduce our new range of ready stock structural steel. Our versatile selection caters to various international standards, including American, Japanese, European, British, and Australian specifications.
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Rock Wool Panel Building Case
Jun 06, 2024
BRD Provides Advanced Rock Wool Panel Solutions for Malaysia’s PDG Data Center
BRD has supplied and installed 100mm polyurethane-edged rock wool sandwich panels for the new PDG data center in Johor, Malaysia. Spanning 18,000 square meters, the project highlights BRD's expertise in providing fire-resistant, energy-efficient, and durable cladding solutions. This reinforces BRD's reputation as a trusted partner in the global building materials market.
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Sandwich Panel Case
May 29, 2024
BRD’s Acquisition of Major Insulated Panel Order from Nicaragua: A Testament to Language Integration
BRD Group secured a significant order for insulation panels from a client in Nicaragua, overcoming language barriers with innovative communication methods. This underscores BRD's customer-centric approach and expertise in delivering tailored solutions for international markets. CEO Tim Huang highlighted the company's commitment to customer satisfaction, regardless of language barriers.
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Clean Room
May 23, 2024
BRD Wins Major Clean Room Contract from TXC for New Facility in Indonesia
BRD Group has secured a major contract to supply over 6,000 square meters of clean room panels and related equipment for TXC Corporation's new high-tech facility in Indonesia. This deal, finalized by Sales Manager Donna Zhao, underscores BRD's expertise in providing advanced clean room environments for industries such as semiconductors and pharmaceuticals, solidifying its position in the Indonesian market.
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Color Coated Steel Roofing Panels
May 16, 2024
BRD’s Innovative Roofing Solution Shines at ALTON Electrics’ Mega Factory in Malaysia
BRD has completed the roof installation of ALTON Electrics’ gigafactory in Johor, Malaysia. BRD offers advanced steel roof panels that are durable and fire resistant. Their innovative solutions support construction projects worldwide.
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American Developer
May 10, 2024
BRD Impresses American Developer with Innovative Exterior Wall Solutions
Last week, BRD welcomed Mr. Johnson, a prominent American real estate developer, to its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. With a portfolio of large multi-family residential projects across the United States, Mr. Johnson was on the hunt for high-performance exterior wall materials that could meet his exacting standards for energy efficiency, aesthetics, and long-term durability.
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Renowned Bangladeshi Distributor
Apr 24, 2024
BRD Impresses Renowned Bangladeshi Building Materials Distributor with State-of-the-Art Facilities
BRD materials recently welcomed Mr. Bhuiyan, a prominent building materials distributor from Bangladesh, for an on-site visit and exploration of potential collaboration opportunities.
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Garage Doors
Apr 17, 2024
BRD Secures Significant Order for Premium Garage Doors from Norway
BRD's garage doors are a testament to their commitment to quality and excellence. Crafted with superior polyurethane (PU) sandwich panels, these doors offer exceptional thermal insulation properties, ensuring energy efficiency and cost savings for homeowners and businesses alike. The robust construction and precise engineering ensure durability, withstanding even the harshest weather conditions.
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Cold Room
Apr 09, 2024
How to Choose the Perfect Insulation Material for Cold Storage
Cold room panels, as integral components of cold storage construction, play a critical role in the daily operations of such facilities. Cold storage facilities demand high standards for air temperature, humidity, and environmental conditions. Therefore, selecting the appropriate panel type is crucial, not only for maintaining the cold storage effectively but also for saving energy and reducing costs.
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