What is purification board?

Date: 2023-07-05
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There are many decorative materials on the market, and different decorative materials have different effects. Among them the purification board is a more popular one. So, what material
is the purification board made of? What are the advantages and selection criteria of the purification board? Let’s find out

First, what material is the purification board made of?

Purification board also known as the clean board, is a composite board made of color-coated board, stainless steel, and other materials as surface material. It is used in purification
engineering fields with strict requirements on the indoor environment, such as electronics, manufacturing, food biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research. The purification board can use seven core materials such as rock wool, glass wool, paper honeycomb, ceramic aluminum board, glass magnesium board, paper honeycomb, etc.
Aluminum foil PVC plywood and more than a dozen kinds of materials. more than 20 kinds of composite panels.


Clean Room Case


Second, the advantages of the purification board

1. The purification board itself has very good thermal insulation performance. Under normal circumstances, the use of an antibacterial purification board no longer requires the back liner
insulation material. More effectively meet national energy conservation standards.

2.Purification panels have internationally advanced levels in terms of sound insulation, sound absorption, and earthquake resistance. Color steel purification panels are an important and effective material for building decoration and indoor partition decoration materials.

3.The steel surface of the purification plate is made of Hiolad i Noviste Barkina coating or galvanized stainless steel plate, so the corrosion resistance is very good.



Third, the selection criteria of the purification board

1.The purification board should be made of a flame-retardant polystyrene sandwich. The color of the surface of the coated steel plate should be consistent. and there should be no
defects such as bumps and scratches. The outer surface should be covered with a plastic protective film

2 The thickness of the base material of the purification board is generally 0~5mm.

3 The overall strength of the purification board should be good, the core material should not be exposed, and it should not be twisted or deformed after installation.

4. The ceiling should use purification panels, and the hoisting should be firm enough to meet the walking intensity of maintenance personnel.




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