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Sandwich Wall Panels Applies In Alibaba Cloud Computing Center

Date: 2023-09-01
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Product: Exterior Wall Insulation Panels With Texture Paint
Project: Alibaba Cloud Computing Data Center


BRD, as an enterprise representative of insulation panel industry, has been highly recognized by many customers for our product technology and quality. Alibaba Inner Mongolia cloud computing data center project is a representative of these projects.


Alibaba Cloud Computing Center


This Cloud Computing Data Center is invested by Alibaba Group with over 1.5 billion dollars. This action plays an important role in promoting the integrated application of big data and accelerating the development of digital economy with data as the key element.


Alibaba Building Case


Exterior wall decoration board decoration layer is high density calcium silicate board or pressure cement board, insulation layer is A class A or B1 class fire insulation board after flame retardant treatment. Integrated boards has characters of heat insulation, waterproof and fire prevention, light weight, high strength, weather resistant to earthquake, convenient construction, noise insulation, green environmental protection, beautiful durability and other characteristics. At the same time, BRD thermal insulation decoration boards select advanced flame retardant rock wool materials with strict control of fire construction to improve the security of the building.




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