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PU Rock Wool Sandwich Panels Applied In State Grid Substation

Date: 2023-09-01
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Product: PU Seal Rock Wool Sandwich Panels
Project: State Grid Substation


Recently, BRD PU rock wool panels applied in State Grid Substation. As an key project of municipal government, our rock wool insulation panels stand out from layers of screen.

PU rock wool sandwich panels perform well in fireproof, easy installation, anti-bending, sound insulation, all the advantages listed above can effectively protect the safety and smooth operation of the grid.


State Grid Substation Case


At the meantime, our professional designers draw the draft day and night, they adjust the drafts lots of times in order to provide conveniences for the related materials’ installation and equipment’s normal operation.

PU rock wool panels are widely used in power plants and substation projects all over the world. As a new energy-saving building material, it can effectively resist icing, snow cover, debris flow, typhoon and other natural disasters for fear of suffering heavy losses.





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