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Security Sectional Industrial Door

Application Scenarios:
Internal &External door
Polyurethane foam
435mm, 485mm, 535mm
Normal Color:
Any Ral color
Door designing:
Designed for the long run and reasonable price
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BRDECO’s industrial doors have no size limits and have several different electronic control options. The doors are highly resistant to weather conditions, wind and dirt.
BRDECO’s industrial doors are built to provide reliable operation even in cold conditions. With top-class thermal insulation, the doors also work reliably in sub-zero temperatures. BRDECO’s industrial doors have the best thermal insulation properties of the door types on the market, minimizing condensation. This prevents the door from freezing and ensures reliable operation. With low maintenance requirements, Champion Door’s industrial doors also have low life-cycle costs.
BRDECO’s industrial doors can be made as large as necessary; there are no size limitations. The doors are made with various frame thicknesses according to the door size. The door support structure does not take up any space on the sides or inside the building as the door folds straight up. BRDECO manufactures industrial doors for all wind classes.
The control type for industrial doors can be selected to best suit each application. The basic control type is triple button control, and options available include radio, pull switch, radar and induction loop control.
Industrial Doors
Industrial Door
Product Advantage
High resistance to wind, moisture, dirt and dust
Reliable operation and affordable maintenance
Low life-cycle costs – little maintenance needed
Minimal condensation
No freezing
No size limits
Several textile options
Silicone, thermally insulated, anti-burglar and translucent fabrics
Adjustable electronic control
Triple button, radio, pull switch, radar and induction loop control
Technical information

Technical information
General information

– CE-marked
– Meets requirements of EN 13241-1
– Wind load: any windload
– Door size: no size limitations

– Mildew-, UV- and fire-resistant
– Weight 850-900 g/m2
– Tear strength: 500/500 N
– Tensile strength: 4000/4000 N/5 cm
– Heat and frost resistance +70 to -40 °C
– Best functionality to -35 °C, arctic fabric to -60 °C
– Fabric options: windows, Translucent, arctic, soundproofing, thermal insulation, security burglar protection

Other materials and surface treatments
– Upper console – hot-dip galvanized steel
– Side guides – aluminum profile
– Lower (bottom) beam – hot-dip galvanized steel
– Horizontal beams – aluminum
– Mullions – sandblasted, primed and painted (2 layers)
– Other parts – aluminum, nylon, stainless steel

Electrical system
– Enclosure class: IP54
– Operating voltage: 3×230/400 V 50 Hz
– Control voltage: 24 V
– Motor rating: 1 to 5 kW/motor
– Torsion: from 400 Nm to 4800 Nm/motor

Sound level
20 dB ->

Overhead sectional door

-Standard size up to (W x H):8000×5500mm

-Panel thickness:40 50mm

-Windows Pass-door: optional

-Accessories and Automation:optional

-Spring  (standard) :20000 cycles

-Wind load, EN 12424: 450N/m

-Thermal transmittance, EN 124283

-Full panel (steel) door:0,84 W/(m2K)

-Full panel (aluminium) door:0,9 W/(m2K)

-Water penetration (4000 x 4000mm):class 3

-Air permeability : (50P)32,5m /m /h21)

Product Parameters
Using location Internal &External door
Insulation Polyurethane foam
Height 435mm, 485mm, 535mm
Normal Color any Ral color
Door designing Designed for the long run and reasonable price
Features Hear insulation, high safety
Sealing With full sealed, weather resistance & well protection & soundproof


The BRDECO overhead sectional door is an overhead sectional door designed to be used in applications like warehouses, logistics centres and all kinds of production plants. The design is optimal for customers who need robust, well-insulated and space-saving doors in the outer walls of industrial premises.

A high quality, sandwich panel provides good insulation values and corrosion protection. This, together with a number of operational options, means that the BRDECO overhead sectional door meets practically every individual demand.

Industrial Doors
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BRD was established in 1995 and is a multinational publicly listed company. You can confidently purchase our products. We have production bases and wholly-owned subsidiaries in multiple countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, among others. With a stock of 6000 tons of standardized products and standardized samples in 23 different colors, we produce over 50 million square meters annually. We perfectly meet your personalized customization needs, guaranteeing delivery time and quality while ensuring convenient communication.
BRD Factory
Founded in 1995, BRD has a total production area of more than 50 million square meters and its products are sold to more than 80 countries around the world.
BRD Factory
We have production bases and wholly-owned subsidiaries in multiple countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, among others. With a stock of 6000 tons of standardized products and standardized samples in 23 different colors.
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12 years of exporting and manufacturing experience, understanding your country's usage standards and material quality standards, high standard service.
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