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Insulated Board
BRD's main products include sandwich panels, cold rooms panels, garage doors, industrial doors, and other building materials.

Insulated Board
Rock Wool Insulated Board
Component:Top plate
Core material:Rockwool
Thickness:0.3-0.6mm (normal use)
Rockwool Wall Sandwich
Fire Acoustic Performance Rockwool Wall Sandwich
Component:Top plate
Core material:Rockwool
Thickness:0.3-0.6mm (normal use)
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As a large new energy-saving building materials production base in Malaysia, BRD relies on the radiation of global marketing network to provide users with timely, meticulous and comprehensive services
Why Choose BRD
Stable supply of raw materials with more advantageous prices
Sufficient supply of raw materials and stable production capacity and supply capacity are one of the market advantages of BRD.
Imported automated production equipment
BRD has a perfect German automated spraying production line, the production process is controlled by automated equipment precisely, product quality is stable and controllable.
Professional factory R&D team
BRD have an experienced engineering team consisted of both CAD and 3D members who can output qualified project designs in accordance with regional standards
Application scenarios
Covering a wide range of areas, please refer to the following areas Earthworks Civil engineering Basic building Construction Pipeline engineering Electrical work BRD will provide professional technical support and after-sales service
Sandwich Panels Manufacturing Processes
The manufacturing processes for sandwich panels involve precision cutting, bonding, and curing techniques to produce high-quality panels with excellent thermal insulation, strength, and durability.
The plate forming area consists of upper and lower layers of roll forming equipment and a quick change mechanism, which can produce various shapes of plate shapes to meet the diverse needs of customers
The raw materials (black materials and white materials) are injected into the foaming machine and mixed evenly, then sent to the surface materials moving at a uniform speed for foaming. At the same time, the upper surface materials are combined with the foam polyurethane, finally forming a polyurethane composite plate with surface materials on both the upper and lower sides.
Finished product packaging
Finished product packaging
The finished product packaging production line is composed of equipment such as fast conveyor rollers, automatic flipping, palletizing, and packaging systems. It can complete the functions of transporting, flipping, moving, and packaging boards, improve the efficiency of the production line, and ensure good product packaging effect, ensuring that products are not damaged during production and transportation
Customized Sandwich Panels
customized sandwich panels offer a flexible and tailored solution for specific project requirements, providing a wide range of design possibilities and performance capabilities.
Explanatory Diagram
Material Customisation
Customers provide drawings to determine the product model and product parameters
Customized Drawings/Samples
After determining the parameters, provide relevant product samples for customers to confirm.
Manufacturing Processes
After confirmation, the factory will produce products that meet the standards required by the customer.
Packaging Custom
Securely packaged and shipped to customers by sea or road.
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