Improving the Sustainability of Cold Storage with BRD’s Advanced Insulation Technology

Date: 2024-06-25
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The performance of a cold storage facility is closely connected to its insulation quality, which significantly impacts its design, construction, and overall economic feasibility. Acknowledging this, BRD has launched its innovative cold storage panels, developed in partnership with the global chemical leader BASF. These panels incorporate BASF’s pentane-blown rigid foam material, achieving B1-level flame retardancy to satisfy the market demand for highly fire-resistant products.


BRD’s cold storage panels exhibit thermal conductivity that is substantially lower than that of conventional insulation materials, improving insulation performance by 20%. This makes them the ideal choice for a variety of cold storage construction projects, enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability.




Proper installation and utilization of these high-quality insulation materials are essential. Ensuring the integrity and density of the insulation layer, along with careful sealing around the thermal insulation layer, prevents cold air leakage and heat transfer, thereby maintaining the efficiency of the cold storage facility.


“Insulation and energy-saving technologies are key in minimizing energy loss and temperature fluctuations, directly leading to reduced energy costs,” stated Tim Huang, CEO of BRD. “Our comprehensive prefabricated cold storage enclosure systems are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project, offering professional technical support and services to ensure optimal operation of cold storage facilities.”


Cold Storage


BRD’s dedication to continuous innovation and customized solutions guarantees that cold storage facilities operate efficiently, maintaining stable temperature environments. This not only helps preserve stored goods but also enables customers to achieve their goals of economic efficiency and environmental sustainability.


With BRD’s advanced insulation technology, the future of cold storage is set to become more energy-efficient and sustainable, driving the industry towards a greener future.


Cold Storage





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