Achieving New Milestones! Thailand’s Onvalla Group Visits BRD!

Date: 2023-08-16
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Factory Visiting

Onvalla Group is a renowned supplier of photovoltaic systems and factory construction in Thailand, dedicated to providing energy-efficient materials that are economically viable and promote sustainable environmental development. As a global supplier of prefabricated system materials, BRD’s product features align with customer requirements. The environmentally friendly and energy-efficient vision of both companies coincided.

Sandwich Panels Production Line

During the visit, the Onvalla delegation toured BRD’s modern smart factory and the automated production line for photovoltaic roof panels. BRD’s well-planned workshop layout, refined management practices, and advanced automation equipment earned recognition from the customers.

Production Line

Following the tour, the Onvalla Group expressed interest not only in collaborating on BRD’s polyurethane panels and photovoltaic roof panels but also in products such as BRD’s integrated thermal insulation and decorative panels, cold storage panels, aluminum composite panels, and soft ceramics. The customers stated that BRD’s product range meets the requirements for photovoltaic system factory construction, and they hope to engage in comprehensive and diverse cooperation with BRD in various fields as soon as possible.

“We had a fruitful visit to BRD this time. We not only witnessed BRD’s production scale and strength but also experienced their ‘home away from home’ service. We believe that our cooperation with BRD in the future will be pleasant,” said the head of the Onvalla Group.

Thailand's Onvalla Group Visits BRD

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