BRD’s Acquisition of Major Insulated Panel Order from Nicaragua: A Testament to Language Integration

Date: 2024-05-29
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BRD Group successfully secured a substantial order for insulation panels from a client based in Nicaragua. Overcoming language barriers with ingenuity, BRD’s sales manager, Donna Zhao, utilized cutting-edge translation software to effectively communicate with the Spanish-speaking client team. This strategic approach enabled a deep understanding of the client’s requirements, resulting in an impressive order for 7,000 square meters of the company’s high-performance polyurethane insulation sandwich panels.


Sandwich Panels Production Line


This accomplishment underscores BRD’s unwavering commitment to customer-centric solutions, demonstrating a proactive approach to overcoming language obstacles in order to meet clients’ needs. It further solidifies BRD’s reputation as a leader in delivering premium insulation panel systems for international markets catering to refrigeration, food processing, clean rooms, and similar temperature-controlled environments.

At the heart of the project lies BRD’s advanced polyurethane insulation panels, renowned for their outstanding thermal efficiency and superior airtightness. Featuring a sophisticated sandwich panel design comprising a rigid polyurethane foam core encased between meticulously engineered metal skins, these panels offer exceptional insulation properties, moisture resistance, structural durability, and a hygienic, seamless surface.


Sandwich Panels


“We take pride in our ability to communicate effectively with clients worldwide, transcending language barriers,” commented BRD CEO Tim Huang. “By harnessing translation tools, our team gained invaluable insights into the needs of our Nicaraguan client, allowing us to propose an optimal custom insulation panel solution.”

From initial inquiries to installation and ongoing support, BRD exemplifies it’s unwavering dedication to ensuring complete customer satisfaction, regardless of geographical location or linguistic challenges.





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