BRD Wins Major Clean Room Contract from TXC for New Facility in Indonesia

Date: 2024-05-23
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BRD Group has been awarded a significant contract by TXC Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of frequency devices, to supply clean room solutions for their new high-tech plant in Indonesia. The deal was secured by Donna Zhao, BRD’s Sales Manager.

The contract includes the provision of over 6,000 square meters of BRD’s industry-certified clean room panels, 65 sets of clean room door systems, along with various clean room equipment and aluminum profile assemblies. This project highlights BRD’s capability in delivering top-notch clean room environments for industries such as semiconductors, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.


Clean Room


Founded in 1983, TXC Corporation is a prominent manufacturer known for its precise and high-quality quartz crystal resonators, oscillators, and related frequency components used in communications, consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and automotive sectors.

“We are thrilled that TXC selected our cutting-edge clean room solutions for their new advanced manufacturing plant in Indonesia,” said Donna Zhao, BRD’s Sales Director. “Our unique clean room panel systems adhere to the highest standards for contamination control, airflow management, and electrostatic discharge protection.”


Clean Room


The key components of the clean room package include BRD’s ultra-smooth, non-porous wall and ceiling panels, crafted from robust composite materials. Their seamless and modular design ensures quick installation while minimizing particle generation. In addition to clean room panels, BRD’s polyurethane sandwich panels, rock wool sandwich panels, and cold room panels are highly valued by customers for their exceptional performance and quality. BRD’s wide range of panel products serves various specialized construction applications, meeting stringent industry standards.



As a vertically integrated manufacturer, BRD ensures full quality control from raw material procurement to final fabrication. This efficient approach, combined with their technical expertise and global support capabilities, was instrumental in TXC’s decision.

“This significant project from TXC solidifies BRD’s reputation as a reliable provider of advanced clean room systems in the Indonesian market,” Donna stated. “We are excited to contribute to more high-tech manufacturing projects in the region with our innovative and dependable contamination control solutions.”




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