BRD’s Innovative Roofing Solution Shines at ALTON Electrics’ Mega Factory in Malaysia

Date: 2024-05-16
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Recently, BRD Company’s project team completed the roofing installation for ALTON Electrics’ expansive new super factory development in Johor, Malaysia.


The ALTON Electrics super factory stands as an ambitious mega-project led by a global pioneer in clean electrical appliances and pneumatic equipment. Nestled in Johor, the facility encompasses vast production plants, R&D laboratories, office towers, staff amenities, and more.


Color Coated Steel Roofing Panels


For the extensive roofing areas, BRD provided its cutting-edge 0.66mm thick 788 Blue Color Coat steel roofing panels. Crafted from high-strength galvanized steel using advanced coating lines, these architectural panels boast exceptional corrosion resistance, ensuring durability amidst the challenging tropical maritime climate.


Tim Huang, CEO of BRD Group, expressed pride in the selection of their long-spanning Color Coat roofing system for this landmark project. “Our 788 Blue panels offer a robust and visually appealing roofing solution,” he remarked.


Color Coated Steel Roofing Panels


In addition to outstanding weathering performance, BRD’s YXB66-394-788 Color Coat roofing panel boasts fireproof properties, offering added protection against flame spread for the facility.

From insulated polyurethane sandwich panels to rock wool panels, and single-element cladding options like Color Coat, BRD Group offers a comprehensive range of high-quality facade solutions. These solutions continue to support ambitious architectural visions worldwide by providing innovative and high-performance building envelopes.





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