Aluminum Composite Panel Type Introduction

Date: 2024-01-18
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BRD aluminum composite panel finds extensive application in the decoration of building walls, columns, beams, balconies, partitions, interiors, advertising signs, vehicles, furniture, exhibition stands, instrument casings, subway shipping tools, and more. Various types of aluminum composite panels cater to different scenarios, broadly categorized into the following six types:


1.Punched Aluminum Composite Panel:
This decorative plate employs advanced CNC punching equipment to create holes of diverse shapes on the panel’s surface as per design drawings. It allows for the addition of various fillers to meet specific requirements.


Punched Aluminum Composite Panel


2.Carved Aluminum Composite Panel:
Utilizing an engraving machine, this type features artistic patterns carved onto the surface, breaking through traditional modeling concepts. The combination of different patterns with various environments enhances the brightness and elegance of the aluminum carved lines.


Carved Aluminum Composite Panel


3.Wood Grain Aluminum Composite Panel:
This product boasts a powder-treated surface that mimics the texture of wood stripes. As an environmentally friendly option, it offers gorgeous patterns, lifelike colors and textures, firm patterns, wear resistance, absence of formaldehyde, and the absence of harmful gas emissions.


Wood Grain Aluminum Composite Panel


4.Imitation Stone Aluminum Composite Panel:
Created through a special spraying process, this new decorative material provides the aluminum composite panel with a strong three-dimensional stone-like appearance.


Imitation Stone Aluminum Composite Panel


5.Fluorocarbon Aluminum Composite Panel:
Also known as flat aluminum composite panel, it offers a surface coating divided into fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying, polyester paint spraying, and fluorocarbon pre-roller coating. The color can be freely chosen by customers, and various coating options are available to meet specific needs.


Fluorocarbon Aluminum Composite Panel


6.Special-shaped Aluminum Composite Panel:
Shaped aluminum composite panels can be customized into curved roller, tapered, curved, and other forms, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the aluminum product significantly.


Special-shaped Aluminum Composite Panel


This classification highlights the versatility of BRD aluminum composite panels. For further inquiries, feel free to communicate with us.




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